Destruct 3 For New Years Family Celebrations [Gifts]

New Years is coming! Our family is over at our houses and we’re celebrating with festivities and great food. Destruct 3 is still discounted! Refer to the original Destruct 3 post for details!

Verde wishes everybody happy New Years!


Keep Yourself Occupied Throughout The Holidays! [Gifts]

Here’s one of the more bizarre items at Verde: sudoku toilet paper! Even during break times between family, friends, and food, challenge your mind with this Japanese number game. Sudoku toilet paper is a perfect gift to any true sudoku fan, or just as a present in give-away take-away!

The rules are simple–all you do is make sure every row, column, and the nine tiny squares have the numbers 1-9 without repeating any number. Sudoku was made popular internationally around 2005. It’s not too late to get into the phenomenon yet! Verde is opened Thursday and Friday for our normal hours, but will be closing for Christmas Eve!


All of our staff wish you happy holidays and hope that our store and our blog have led you in the right direction for a gift someone would love!

Snuggle Up Twice As Sweet This Holiday [Gifts]

Dolly & Me is an absolutely perfect gift for any little girl on your list! Dolly & Me is a two-in-one gift, with matching robes, nightgowns, and dresses for dolls and girls alike. The look on her face when you give her such a gift will be priceless! Dolly & Me “provides endless hours of friendship, fashion and fun”!

We always dress up our kids–so why not dress up our dolls? At Verde, we love such unique gifts. We have them all over the store! More and more people are coming in for gifts, and we hope you do the same to support our wonderful artists and our little outlet of whimsical items like Dolly & Me!

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Grab This Amazing Game Before It’s Too Late! [Discount]

We’ve discounted Destruct 3 before, but we love it so much that we’re discounting it for the rest of December! It is 5% off for everyone who walks in. If you’re a follower to this blog and comment about the item on this post, we’ll send you an e-mail about how to get 10% instead of 5%! Along with Dectruct 3, Victoria Ausloos’ memory boards are also 15% off until the end of the month. Both discounts run Dec 19-31! With family coming for the holidays, there’s nothing better than sitting down with such an amazing, intricate game. It has won the Toy of the Year award, the Major Fun Award, and the Product of the Year award!

Build your structure up, roll the dice, and use one of the three Destructo devices (the Catapult, Pendulum, and Ramp) to knock them down! Dectruct 3 is unique, challenging, fun, and also made from a sustainable resource. As the manufacturer says, they make their products from rubber tree wood, which is “a by-product of rubber harvests”!

Where else can you get an eco-friendly gift that is perfect for your family? Verde offers so much at our capacious store! Christmas is in 5 days, and this week is the last week for last-minute Christmas shopping. Expect some amazing items this week right here on the Verde blog!

Paintings And Photographs That Will Knock Your Socks Off [Consignees]

Verde has already shown you some amazing decorations available at the store. Along with those, we have some wonderful paintings and photographs by our consignees! Along the walls all over Verde, our many consignees have given us their own inspirations in the form of still pictures. Here are some specially picked out for your enjoyment!

Becca Haas’ “Bluegrass”. We love this picture for its almost Wonderland-ish setting. It’s a hand drawn work of art! There are so many more of her works in the Guy’s Gadget section of the store!

Verde’s own upcoming young artist McKayla Hummelt gives us “Faith Hope Love”. It’s amazing to see what talent our youth has to offer!

We’ve covered Jon Adams before, but his artwork is something we have to add to a post like this! Check out his own post with this link (or even this one).

Carl D’Amato hasn’t truly titled this piece, but it’s in the store as “Framed Mount Rushmore”. He’s an amazing photographer with countless pictures throughout the store. Check them out today!

Our very own Carol Skovsted is a photographer, too. Along with her “Bling Thing”, pick up some of her beautiful pictures today!

Someone’s own photograph or hand drawn painting is a perfect gift for the holidays. There’s nothing better than seeing a loved one open a present that present such beauty!

Kid’s Jewelry And A Place To Put Them [Consignment]

Along with our adorable Nuggum’s dolls, we have some other great things that Santa could bring your kids! Jeannie Domer makes a huge variety of great kid-friendly jewelry and other accessories here at Verde. Below are all of her works, from SpongeBob pendents to zipper bracelets!

Along with Jeannie’s awesome contributions to Verde, Carol Skovsted has given us some items too! Her “Bling Thing” is a glass jewelry holder. It’s a perfect place to put your new SpongeBob pendent!

Verde sure is full of kid’s gift ideas–but this is only two of our over fifty consignees! Our consignees have tried their hardest to bring you some amazing items. December sure isn’t over yet, so expect more posts about more great gifts!

Nuggum’s Dolls Perfect For Any Kid [Discount]

Dolls are great for kids! They’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’re everything you would want! Get our Nuggums dolls through the week for 5% off.

If you’re a subscriber to our blog and comment about Nuggum’s on this post, then you’ll automatically get 10% instead of 5% off! Only the first 3 comments count. An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail you used to comment about how to get the special discount.

Remember, Victoria Ausloos’ memory boards are off 15% until the end of December! Pick up these great discounted gifts right here at Verde!